Watch Dogs Legion


The third installment in the popular series of sandbox action games by Ubisoft.

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Joystick Gdynia Dostępny na miejscu
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Joystick Gdynia Dostępny na miejscu
Joystick Zielona Góra Niedostępny

69,90 zł

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Platforma PlayStation 5
Gatunek Akcja przygodowa, TPP
PEGI 18+
Wydawca Ubisoft
Producent Ubisoft
Data premiery pudełkowej 29.11.2020
Multiplayer online Tak
Minimalne wymagane miejsce na dysku 45GB

Więcej informacji

The action of Watch Dogs Legion takes place in futuristic London, after Great Britain left the European Union. Since those events, the country (and the whole world) has changed dramatically. Progressive automation, as well as the dynamic development of research on Artificial Intelligence, have led to a dramatic increase in unemployment - cryptocurrencies are starting to increasingly displace classic money.

  • Fight for London! - Huge open world of urban jungle, the most famous places in London such as Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Camden, Piccadilly Circus and Whitechapel.
  • Resistance Movement - Mass surveillance, private military in the streets, organized crime. Players will gather a versatile group and build a resistance movement that will overthrow the opportunists who are destroying this once-great city.

  • Playing as Anyone - Every Londoner has a reason to fight. You can play as any character with their own story, personality and set of skills.
  • Full freedom! - Complete missions by choosing from a wide variety of weapons and using an all-new melee system or by operating silently. The way of fighting has its consequences - if you refrain from killing, the enemy will try to overpower and arrest you. However, when you decide to murder, you risk your character's permanent death.

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